Lex-Colloquial Guidelines for the all Students


For the seminar Lex Colloquial to be held on 27th and 29th of January 2018, all students should:-

  • 1. Be present in proper uniform and carry their college identity card for both the days. Without uniform and identity cards no student will be entertained in the hall ( Mohit Maitra Mancha).

  • 2. Compulsory attendance for all students from all semester on both the days.

  • 3. Attendance to be given to the allotted teacher in the Registration Desk at the venue and students should collect their Seminar Kit with Food coupons on 27th January 2018 positively for admission.

  • 4. It is to be noted that the Food coupons for both the days will be distributed on 27th January only and students must preserve the Food coupons of 29th January for getting their food packets on both the days. Without the Food coupons delivery of food packets cannot be done.

  • 5. Lunch packets will be served on 27th only and snacks packet will be distributed on 29th January.

  • 6. Reporting time is latest by 9.30 am sharp for both the days.

  • 7. Using of mobile phones for any purpose (calling, texting, video recording etc.) is strictly prohibited inside the seminar hall and taking of photographs and selfies during the sessions is strictly prohibited.

  • 8. The name of the students whose papers are selected for presentation at the seminar will be communicated later. These papers are to be presented on 29th January 2018 at the same venue.

Lex-Colloquial Registration - Upto 14th. January 2018 only.

Shyambazar Law College is organizing a seminar on "Consumer Jurisprudence: Emerging Trends in Empowering Consumerism" at Mohit Moitra Mancha, Paikpara, Kolkata on 27th. January & 29th. January, 2018.

A detail of the topic and the sub-themes is given below.

Sub-themes of the Seminar Topic:

  1. Consumer Rights And Responsibilities: Emerging Trends;
  2. Consumer Dispute Redressal Agencies : Modernized Form Of Justice Delivery System;
  3. Consumer Welfare In The Process Of Empowering Consumerism;
  4. Medical Negligence -Vs- Consumer Protection: Remedial Discourse
We request the students of 3rd Semester onwards to present their papers on any of the said sub-themes.

The students whose paper would be selected will be called for the Presentation of their paper on the closing day of the Seminar i.e. 29th. January, 2018 at Mohit Moitra Mancha from 10:00 am and shall be awarded a Certificate of Participation.

Please note that, the decision of our Selection Committee will be final in the selection of the papers.

Please download the Prescribed Format of the Paper to be maintained by the Students. Download now

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